Follow the guidelines below to ensure that the upload of your customer feedback to Chattermill is a quick, stress-free process.

Data Formatting 📊

Please stick to the following format when sending us exports of your data to ensure that it is compatible with the platform. 

Note - It's quite likely we can access your data via an integration, please check here for more details.

Encoding: Data Files should be in utf-8 

Headers: should only contain alphanumeric characters and be in snake case i.e. City/Country of Birth → city_country_of_birth


Response ID: Please provide a unique response ID 

Comments: All comments in clearly defined columns.

Naming: {{organization_name}}_{{data_source}}_{{data_type}}_{{YYYYMMDD}}.csv e.g. Apple_surveyprovider_nps_20180420.csv

Score: All responses must have a score

Integrations 🤖

We recommend starting with manual data upload to the platform during your trial period, and then setting up live integrations once your project is launched in full 🚀. 

We can integrate with a wide range of tools via their API:

  • Survey collection tools e.g Typeform
  • Customer care tools e.g Zendesk
  • Business Intelligence tools e.g Tableau
  • Customer Relationship tools e.g Salesforce

Visit our support materials on integrations here, or get in touch with [email protected] to learn more.

Transactional Data 🔎

Adding operational or transactional data allows you to segment your feedback in the tool for better and more detailed insights. Instead of just looking at an overall metric (such as NPS), you can also compare by location, customer demographic, product etc.

Think about what other information you could pass on to Chattermill 🤔. We recommend starting with what you have, and then working with your Customer Success Manager to progressively enrich your data over time.

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