Comments come often come with a tonne of metadata and all of this is searchable 🙏

You can search for comments solely based on comment itself and now the metadata associated with the comment 🗂️

When conducting a new search, a list of suggestions will show up underneath - you can press down on the arrow key or use the pointer to select any one of these.

If you'd like to search for a comment based on it's content, you just need to write "comment:" before stating your search terms; "original_comment:" is for comments that may have initially been translated. 

When searching through the content of comments, you can also use various different queries to be even more specific 💪

AND queries

Use + in between the keywords you would like to search to combine the two. 

OR queries

Use | in between the keywords you would like to search.

NOT queries

Add - before any keyword to remove them from your query.

EXACT queries

Wrap your query around " "  to search for an exact string. 

PREFIX queries

Add *  after your query to search for feedback including your specific string and everything after it as a prefix.

Custom Segments

Got a query you search for frequently? Create and save a custom segment with the functions above to add to the filters column automatically as a custom segment.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch [email protected]

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