You can use Dashboards to create and save multiple Metric charts to create customisable reports, ideal for specific teams, channels or customer segments.

Building a Dashboard

Within the main dashboard, click Create Dashboard and name your new dashboard.

Saving a chart to your Dashboard

Once you have created a chart in the metrics page, you can then add this to your dashboard. Help doing this and creating metrics charts can be found here.

Adjusting your Dashboard

You can tailor your dashboard by grabbing the chart using the adjuster in the top right of the chart and expanding the chart by selecting 'Expand' using the options menu. 

You can share charts with teammates, as well as the entire Dashboard. To do this click 'Share' from the options menu at the top right of the dashboard and choose the colleague to collaborate with. 

Click on any chart on a Dashboard to jump straight into Feedback with those specific filters applied. 

N:B - Every user has a 'Main' dashboard which consists of all charts you have saved and is visible only to you. You'll need to create a separate dashboard if you wish to share it with other users. 

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