Metrics allows you to visualise your analysed data in a series of graphs.

Building your chart

To create a new chart, first access Metrics from the options on the top left hand corner.

  • Choose the metric and relevant grouping via the drop down boxes
  • Add specific filters using the filters criteria. For example, data type, department or language.
  • Choose the date range and frequency
  • Press Show to view your chart


You can also add annotations to charts allowing you to highlight particular areas. Any annotations you create will show up below the chart and create marker on the chart.

Adding to dashboards and exporting the data

Adding to a dashboard is easy. Simply choose Save Chart via the option menu on the top right hand corner, add the title and description and select the dashboard to add it to. 

N:B - Every user has a Main dashboard, this consist of all charts you have ever saved and is only visible to you. You'll need to create a separate dashboard if you wish to share it with other users.

To export data, click the 'Export CSV' button.

Clicking any chart or datapoint in the metrics graph will take you straight through to customer feedback with all of the filters selected. 

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