Custom Segments allow you to save a set of filters, so these can be re-used. 

You may have found that when using Metrics or Feedback that you'll often use multiple filters based on the attributes of the comment and/or the customer who made the comment, meeting some criteria.

Defining your segments

Use filters to group together customers of similar interest or traits

You can access the Custom Segments section via Settings, found by hovering over the user icon on the top right hand corner. 

Within this page you can define the filters for your new segment, as well as edit previously created segments.

N:B - You can be as specific as you like and combine multiple filters as you need.

The segment you create can either based on attributes of the comment, customer or both. 

Viewing Segments

Custom segments appear in any ‘Custom Segment’ drop down menu throughout your Chattermill dashboard. You can apply Custom Segments to Pulse, Metrics and Feedback.

Editing and Deleting Segments

To edit a segment, click on the segment within Custom Setting make any adjustments you need and then hit save to automatically update your segments. 

To delete a segment, use options button on the top right of the page and click delete to remove the segment automatically.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any more questions. 

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